ZingDigit Embroidery and Branding – Sponsor

From left; John-Gordon, Babette (holding a sample of her work) and Eric.

I first met Babette du Toit in August of 2017 during my business dealings as the owner of Erikr House. I contracted her company, ZingDigit Embroidery and Branding, to embroider my company labels into a garment from one of my more exclusive production lines. Initially there was some hick-ups due to miscommunication, but upon realizing this Babette phoned me after hours and invited me into her studio to personally sit with me and sort it out – this in its own spoke to me on a deep level regarding her business ethics.

We spent about 2 hours together and the wrinkles were all ironed out. The Angel Gown® Initiative was still in its infancy at that stage but as any proud parent I was already telling everyone about everything TAGI and our hopes and dreams. Babette took an immediate interest and I told her that at some point when TAGI is bigger and we can afford it I’d like to start putting embroidered logos unto our Angel Gown® garments, giving them a beautiful branding.

A little more than a week later Babette personally came to deliver the work I commissioned for Erikr House – I should add here this is a standard practice, and a personal touch I both love and makes my life easier; Either Babette or her trusted assistant, John-Gordon, comes and pick up the work at your premises and then hand deliver it again upon completion. During her first visit at my studio to drop off my work she told me, due to her own personal reasons, how much TAGI has speaks to her on a deep level and that she would like to sponsor all of the embroidery branding for TAGI.

First logo sample. Also in this picture is two packets of cottons Babette donated.

I had goosebumps… I remember I just hugged her and I couldn’t stop thanking her. TAGI was still so young and this was a major sponsorship for us. At the time I was not yet sure what I wanted for a logo but I did know I wanted colour, something somewhat innocent looking and yet able to add a touch of colour during a dark time. After a lot of research on my husbands’ part we found the perfect logo and bought it online. And Babette was tasked with making the image a little more embroidery friendly as the original digitized image didn’t downscale very well. But again, after tireless efforts on her part, and several samples later, it all came together. Today I’m still as in love with the logo as I was the first day I saw it.

More logos done by ZingDigit. Also pictured here is some of the ribbons Babette donated.

ZingDigit has sponsored well over a 100 labels by now and we simply can’t thank them enough. Just like with all of their paying clientele, I just send John-Gordon a WhatsApp to tell him the next set of panels are ready to be embroidered, he picks them up and drops them off again when they are done (a courtesy they extended to me over the festive season outside of normal business hours – well done!).

Aside from ZingDigits’ sponsorship, Babette has also donated multiple pieces of fabric, ribbon and cotton to TAGI. Thank you Babette and John-Gordon for all your tireless efforts and generosity in helping The Angel Gown® Initiative grow and develop into its own. It is absolutely amazing to see how the business community is standing behind our initiative. May we grow together from strength to strength.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.


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