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Angel Gown® garments: Before and After

Susan Rabe

There is so much I can and want to say about Susan, all good I promise, but this is not quite the place. I will say that she has played a very important part in my survival during crucial parts of my life – for this I cannot thank her enough. Her beautiful cream wedding […]

Marna van der Merwe

The moment I unpacked this dress I just fell in love with it and so the potential Angel Gown® garments! It speaks of fairytale princess romance. Beautiful white satin with a striking pink inlay. It is complimented with loads of bead detail and pulled together with a skirt that is covered with pull-up details. From […]

Beth Dellis

This beautiful wedding gown was accompanied with the following note: “Hope that this dress will bless a few families in their sad time. Thank you for what you are doing. May God bless you” We are happy to say that your gown will be blessing 11 families on their darkest of days with these 11 […]

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