About Us

The Angel Gown® Initiative is a registered Non Profit Organisation
NPO number: 203-283 NPO
PBO number: 930061837

Eric Elronde, CEO and founder of, The Angel Gown® Initiative, is charitably repurposing old wedding dresses and formal gowns into beautiful Angel Gown® garments for infants who do not survive their journey into this world.

At a time of utmost grief and sorrow, an Angel Gown® is a small but deeply meaningful way to alleviate some of a family’s difficulties and great sadness.  The Angel Gown® Initiative assists bereaved families with an important practical issue: how to provide a passed infant with the greatest dignity and grace.

All Angel Gown® garments are hand-made and are a free donation. Donations are made through hospitals where grieving families are being assisted.

Give a little to make a big impact.

Impact the lives of grieving families today. A little bit can go a long way.
We need your pre-loved Wedding Dresses and Formal Gowns to create Angel Gown® garments.

But it is much more than a unique, charitable effort.

As joyous, as memorable as a wedding day may have been, as beautiful as the gown the bride once wore, how many of these beautiful garments hang disused for years in cupboards or finally given away for a pittance to thrift and second-hand shops?

Their real beauty, the great care and craft that went into their creation, are sometimes lost and forgotten, perhaps never to be seen again.

Imagine the comfort and solace these gowns could provide to the family of a infant that has tragically passed on? Imagine the good this can do, the sorrow it can help ease.

For no charge, nor any cost, members of The Angel Gown® Initiative will take on these old wedding gowns (or evening gowns), carefully deconstruct them and then use the fabrics to create perfect Angel Gown® garments. Each is hand made, lined in cotton for the softest touch and then delicately trimmed with beautiful detail. Any damaged fabric is entirely removed and the finished Angel Gown® beautifully packaged. From a forgotten dress, perhaps a dusty memory, comes new beauty, grace and dignity.

Angel Gown® Size Chart