Catherine Klopper

This post is to honour the memory of Henry Klopper.

As we were preparing to package our next donations of Angel Gown® garments I realized we were running low on packaging material. I decided to appeal to kindness of our followers, and kindness followed! On 25 January 2018 I made a post on our Facebook page to ask for packaging materials.

It didn’t take long for Catherine to make contact. We communicated on Facebook via private messaging and the following day I brought home a bag full of TAGI goodness! We asked for cellophane envelopes as well as ribbon, and here is what we got:

Firstly we got 500 resealable cellophane bags, that is 500 Angel Gown® garments that can be packaged safely! Every Angel Gown® is hand-wrapped around a handwritten condolence card, tied down with satin ribbon and then placed inside a resealable cellophane bag and sealed. The reason for this packaging is to store the Angel Gown® garments long term and keep them clean until needed. This way they are also easily viewable without having to open the envelopes.

Secondly we got 10 rolls of satin ribbon! 5 rolls in baby blue and 5 rolls in baby pink. We use 1.3m of ribbon to tie down the Angel Gown® garments and we are able to cut 18 pieces of ribbon per roll. All-in-all there is now enough ribbon for 180 Angel Gown® garments in total, 90 per colour. As you probably suspect, we use the pink for girls and the blue for boys.

Finally we got a much needed ink cartridge as well! As we do not yet have a sponsor for printing we do all our printing ourselves, and there is a lot of printing needed!

Thank you Catherine for your generous donation, and thank you for helping us to help the families in grief. This post is in honour of the memory of Henry Klopper.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.