The Angel Gown™ Initiative is a registered Non Profit Organisation
NPO number: 203-283 NPO
PBO number: 930061837

Eric Elronde, CEO and founder of, The Angel Gown™ Initiative, is charitably repurposing old wedding gowns and formal dresses into beautiful Angel Gown™ garments for infants who do not survive their journey into this world.

At a time of utmost grief and sorrow, an Angel Gown™ is a small but deeply meaningful way to alleviate some of a family’s difficulties and great sadness.  The Angel Gown™ Initiative assists bereaved families with an important practical issue: how to provide a passed infant with the greatest dignity and grace.

All Angel Gown™ garments are hand-made and are a free donation. Donations are made through hospitals where grieving families are being assisted.

Give a little to make a big impact.

Impact the lives of grieving families today. A little bit can go a long way.
We need your pre-loved Wedding Dresses and Formal Gowns to create Angel Gown™ garments.

Latest News

Lizelle Oosthuysen – Angel Donar

As Lizelle has become one of our most regular contributors we have decided to keep record of her donations in one page moving forward. This page will be updated periodically with dates and photos added to the accompanying album. 19 September 2018; 13 November 2018; 7 and 13 February 2019; 25 March 2019; 17 April […]

Elmarie Terblanche – Donation 15 April 2019

Elmarie is one of our newest seamstress volunteers helping us out in her spare time! But truly, she does much more than just that. Today she brought us two special ties for our boy gowns! Thank you Elmarie! Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.

Trudie Coetzee-De Ville – Angel Donor

As Trudie’s organisation grows, so does the gowns she no longer can use. As her donations will be ongoing we have decided to keep record of her donations in one page moving forward. This page will be updated periodically with dates and photos added to the accompanying album. 2 October 2018 – 1 wedding gown […]

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Angel Gown™ garments: Before and After

Helen – Donation 27 October 2017

This wedding gown found it’s way to us through our Elle’s Bridal Studio network. This simplistic cream Satin wedding gown demands a presence with the beautiful lace detail around the neckline and down the front. The whole look is tied together with a pleated midriff section. Thank you Helen for donating your wedding gown to […]

Joretha Jelbert – Donation 30 October 2017

Shortly before our segment was aired on Fokus SABC2, they made teaser posts on Facebook about what is to come. It was on one of these posts that Joretha made contact with us. Shortly thereafter I fetched her wedding gown. During a lovely chat she told me all about the wedding and her special gown. […]

Luzanne van Zyl – Donation 27 October 2017

This wedding gown found it’s way to us through our Elle’s Bridal Studio network. This tiered wedding gown is made in white taffeta with black lace contrasts. Thank you Luzanne for donating your wedding gown to us! On 9 March 2019 Luzanne’s wedding gown was lovingly repurposed by Carmen Petersen into 15 Angel Gown™ garments. […]

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Eric Elronde does amazing work! The TAGI team is dedicated to make a difference in bereaved parents’ lives. Thank you Eric!!

Nicci Coertze – Founder of NCOT

Very touching idea. Truly heartfelt.

Estelle Dannhauser

A very special and personal way to remember a lost bebe.

Christine Harburn

This touched my heart deeply. I think it is so special and amazing idea. Well done.

Vianca Slabbert

They are just such an amazing, caring lot of people! 🙏🙏

Avril Fisher

Awesome initiative, giving immense comfort to grieving parents who are made aware that their precious angel baby is loved and respected and clothed beautifully at the final farewell ❤️😇❤️😇❤️😇❤️😇❤️💋💋💋

Maria Bottcher

I must say, what you are doing has completely moved me. As I am writing this piece I am in tears.

It is so beautiful and so heartbreaking.

Tyler Vivier – Junior Copywriter at Good Things Guy

TAGI is an amazing NPO helping parents in their time of need, I am so humbled to have been able to donate my own dress to this worthy initiative.

Babette Du Toit

I was sent a sneak preview of a forever gown cut from my dress and started crying.

It’s perfect!

It’s gorgeous and it’s been styled to resemble my dress.

I had to share because not only do I have the greatest admiration for what Eric and his team do, as a mom who has experienced baby loss I know how much I searched to keep a memory. Have something to remember. TAGI allow moms the knowledge that their special babies will be buried in dignity and forever gowns donated and made with love.

Judy MacGregor

It is a day of mixed emotions. But I feel honoured to be able to donate my wedding gown to your cause. What you do is amazing and you will be abundantly blessed. This gown was donated with love and I will forever be grateful to you for the amazing thing you do.

Chantel Boshoff
Chantel Boshoff

Rohan was born on 3 Dec 2006 and was taken from us on 14 Feb 2007. After his death I had a miscarriage on 15 Aug 2007 and I thought that my world had ended. There are no words to describe how it feels knowing that a part of me will always be gone. I will never know what they would have looked like, what their likes and dislikes would have been or what they would have become as adults. There are two very large gaping holes in my heart. I do believe that if I had the opportunity to dress Rohan in one of these angel gowns it would have provided me with some form of peace, but there was no such initiative. And that is why I have donated my dress. It has helped me during my process and I feel honoured that another family will be able to dress their angel in a one of a kind gown before letting him or her go. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your initiative and may you be blessed in everything that you do.

Sorina Lloyd