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Tagi Bear is a lovable, precious and adorable little bear who spreads love and joy wherever he or she is pitter-pattering to!

Every bear is individually made by Kim Heyburgh from My Forever Bears. Tagi Bear is machine stitched for durability, completely assembled and stuffed by hand and then the final touches are added along with a bucket full of love.



You have the choice to have your Tagi Bear manufactured in Duchess Satin or Coral Fleece.

Duchess Satin is a gorgeous, high thread count, medium-bodied, low lustre blended satin with a pearly sheen and stable structure. Coral Fleece is made of polyester materials with added fine silk to give a high density and flexible fibre ensuring excellent softness. Coral Fleece has a reputation for not causing skin irritations of allergies.


The body is pastel blue with pastel pink paws and ear inners OR pastel pink with pastel blue paws and ear inners. You can choose which combination you prefer.


You can choose to dress your Tagi Bear in a white Duchess Satin waistcoat with TAGI green buttons OR a white Duchess Satin skirt and a TAGI green polka dot ribbon behind the left ear.


  • Eyes and snout detail are child friendly.
  • The head and limbs are movable.
  • Approximate dimensions are 44cm from the top of the ear to the bottom paw and 35cm from the left to right upper paws. The seated height is approximately 30cm.
  • Approximate weight is 500g
  • The Angel Gown Initiative logo is positioned on the lower left paw.
  • When Tagi Bear needs a bath, surface wash with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash or submerge in water.
  • All profits from the Tagi Bear sales will be invested into The Angel Gown Initiative to secure our financial future.
  • Disclaimer: The Tagi Bear pictured here is just a sample bear. Small design variations may occur on final product.


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