Webtech – Sponsor

Often we take for granted all the help and donations coming from those in our immediate circle.

One of the biggest, and recurring, compliments we get at TAGI is about our exceptionally beautiful website. Yes, I know, I’m biased, to me it’s the prettiest there’ll ever be. But this is also why it is good to receive compliments and affirmation from other people.

My husband, Radie Erasmus, is the founder of the Webtech. He completely supports all of our IT related needs, including free hosting and maintenance of our website. When it became time for TAGI to have its own website I had a long list of what I don’t want or like, but a pretty short list of what I wanted. I knew which pages I wanted on there, but I had no idea about the design.

Radie introduced me to templates and themes, I picked my favourites and from there he spent hours and days building my website. Just as he had a page completed, I remembered all the elements I still wanted to add to it. And then the poor man had to start over, modify or redo. Yes, it is true, I’m a very difficult customer. But how can I not be? The Angel Gown® Initiative is my baby, and I want only the best for it.

I have to give him full credit for all the design elements of the website. I’ve watched as he spent hours rewriting code, researching techniques and elements I wanted. Oh yes, once the website started taking shape I started realizing more and more what I wanted. He patiently fulfilled all those needs for me, and more. He often came up with better ideas to improve the look and feel – things I mostly did not even know or think of.

While he was busy with our website he was also helping BHFTF here and there with design elements on their website – also at no cost. Eventually our website was ready and released to go live. At this point he offered BHFTF to complete the design structure of their website and help with the remaining odds and ends they needed.

He extended the offer to TABI to design and build their website for free. Fortunately for Radie, Jacqui was not as difficult as me. They had a quick conversation on the telephone, she pretty much told him she wants the same look and feel of her posters – which he helped design – and he was able to put her website together much faster. She was super excited and pleased!

Aside from all this work he has so generously done for free, he has also helped with our paperwork. We all have various forms of posters, pamphlets, cards etc and in one way or another he helped with the design and layout with most of these.

Thank you so very much for all your patience and continued help with our growing needs!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.