TAGI’s first Christmas 2017

Just in time for our very first Christmas we received three boxes full of gowns and other donations all the way from the Gauteng.

The very talented Louise Gulbis from Louise Gulbis Photography sponsored her time and skills for us to do this photo shoot. It was an absolute blast working with her and we can highly recommend her! Thank you Louise for all your time and skills!

The photos tell so many stories, and without the background to each photo we imagine you can make up your own ideas of what happened, lol! Instead of retelling the whole story here, we encourage you to go visit our Facebook page and live through the memories and moments with us.

If you go on to our Facebook page and look under the photo album “TAGI’s first Christmas – 2017” you will find the sequence to the photos and the back story to each. We promise, some are far more innocent than the photos may suggest!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.