TAGI is nominated for the MEA Awards.

It is with an immense amount of pride and privilege that we get to announce to you today that The Angel Gown Initiative has been nominated for the very prestigious MEA Awards of 2020!

The MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicising the major moves and events as they happen across the entire Middle East & Africa region.

As one of the world’s most powerful, innovative and influential business regions, and home to countless leading firms across numerous fast-moving industries, the Middle East & Africa has a huge hand in shaping what happens throughout the wider global corporate community.

This recognises the immense hard work we have put into growing TAGI, the unmeasurable impact we have on the lives of so many bereaved parents and I want to thank EACH and every donor, sponsor, organisation and person that contributed to this in one way or another.

This nomination is for each and everyone of you! Thank you!