TAGI goes to print in Rooi Rose

Rooi Rose logo

Another dream came true for TAGI!

From the day TAGI was first interviewed by the media, we have dreamed of being printed in a magazine, and today we share with you our first article in the prestigious rooi rose!

Thank you Mariette Snyman for the beautiful story you wrote on TAGI, and to Henry Joubert for your uniquely beautiful piece that made it happen!

In the article is a photo of the beautiful logo ZingDigit Embroidery and Branding sponsors to us and ACT Logistics Pty Ltd is the courier company that sponsors the courier services – thank you for your continued support, we can’t do this without you!

DOSA – Doulas of South Africa and Nicci.doula & NCOT Training includes the umbrella of bereavement doulas talked about in the article – thank you for your assistance!

I’m so thankful to everyone that helped us make one of our biggest dreams come true!