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Sunette Thackwray – 13 September 2017

I first met Sunette at her sisters’ birthday party, also a name you’ve probably seen on other posts; Carin Yorke-Hart. It was Carin that told Sunette about TAGI and asked her if she would donate her wedding gown to us. From what I understand it was a no at first… but as in other cases, after some thought went into it, she said yes.

Sunette came to visit Carin for a bit while renovations were being done to her house. One afternoon late I had some clients to see in her area and popped by Carin for a visit. I got to see Sunette in person and collected the wedding gown from her myself.

Her wedding gown is made from Raw Silk in a colour somewhere between coffee and caramel. It is done in a pencil style with a scooped neckline, pleated cap sleeves and finished off with bead detail. Thank you Sunette for donating your special gown to The Angel Gown Initiative.

On 27 October 2017 Mandy Taitz donated her wedding gown and I immediately knew I wanted to pair these two gowns together. Between the two wedding gowns we repurposed a total of 16 Angel Gowns, though only 6 are viewable here – 2 x Preemies, 2 x Tinys and 2 x Micros. The other 10 are viewable under Mandy‘s post.

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