Simone Dekker

Simone is a bereaved mommy and she got our details from Netcare Blaauberg, one of our beneficiaries.

Simone is in the beginning stages of putting her own initiative together with the intent of giving other bereaved mommies a form of healing and memories.

I met her one afternoon to have a chat about her initiative, as I feel it is an important one, and as such I would like to lend her some of my knowledge on this journey that is ahead of her. During this meeting she donated her beautiful wedding gown to us, as well as a maternity gown of hers.

She told me her mother, Mrs Jenkins, had also sent her own wedding gown to us and she will let me know once it has arrived. The very next day the gown arrived and we were so excited to have another mother-daughter-combo!

Simones’ wedding gown is done in a simplistic two piece style. The plain Raw Silk  A-line skirt goes well with her beaded corset. Her layered maternity gown is done in a red chiffon.

Thank you Simone for your special donations!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.