Samantha du Plessis

A few weeks ago we made our first donation to Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt. We met the very dynamic Hermien Everts there and she offered to help spread the word. Shortly after she contacted us excitedly to tell us she received the first wedding gown!

Samantha holding her weddng gown one last time.

As you can imagine we were quite excited with her! And we are very grateful that the hospitals are helping us to generate donations. As an NPO we are greatly dependent on the generosity of our community to survive and continue delivering our service.

Samantha is a colleague of Hermien at the Mediclinic group and donated her wedding gown to us after an email started to circulate. It is simplistic, but tasteful, done in a white Satin with lace detail on the bodice. The back is complimented with covered buttons.

Thank you so much Samantha for donating your special gown to us – we will be able to help several families during the darkest of times.

We were able to repurpose 8 Angel gowns from this wedding gown, that is 8 families we can help.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.