Phia van Rensburg

This letter came along with her dress:

“This wedding dress was made in 1985 by my mother, who is now 98 years old. Not only does this dress show her meticulous attention to detail and perfect craft, but most importantly, it reflects her love and care.

It is a privilege to donate this dress to TAGI. I was impressed with the stories I read about the mindfulness and respect with which you make Angel Gowns. After waiting in mothballs for 34 years, my wedding dress has finally found a worthy purpose.

It is donated in memory of my twin grandsons, who were stillborn at 22 weeks on 25 January 2019 due to twin-to-twin transfusion. My family is now part of the invisible community of those who have angel babies. May the love that went into the making of this dress, and the compassion that will go into the making of Angel Gowns out of this dress, give comfort to parents of angels.”

Thank you Phia for entrusting us with your special gown!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.