Mediclinic Milnerton – First Handover

Today we had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Michelle Govender, Patient Experience Manager at Mediclinic Milnerton.

When we met she told me of how she has been googling and investigating the internet in an attempt to find organizations like ours that support families going through infant loss. She went on to tell me how she reached out to her counterparts at other Mediclinics and our name quickly popped up.

We made contact and I’m proud to announce that our first handover was a great success. As always, the staff made me feel so welcome there, more specifically, I felt like family. I got to spend time with some of the nursing staff and they told me their experiences with infant loss, how they have dealt with it in the past and the positive impact they know our Angel Gown® garments will make on these grieving parents.

Mediclinic Milnerton is the eight Mediclinic hospital to join our family. Let’s give them a heart fell welcome!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI famiy

2 thoughts on “Mediclinic Milnerton – First Handover

  1. I lost a baby in the early 80’s at 32 weeks and never got the opportunity to hold her. She was whisked away. Until I stumbled upon your organisation I did not know that the infant death rate is so high. Thank you for what you do.

    1. We are sorry that you had to go through that loss. We are happy to say that these days the hospitals are better equipped and trained to deal with these situations, and we are grateful to be working with so many hospitals that see the need and positive impact we can give to families going through infant loss. Thank you for your message, it is our privilege to be doing our work – Eric Elronde

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