Lizette Carinus

Lizette contacted me to inquire about the closest drop-off point to her and I directed her accordingly. When I went to fetch her wedding gown at the drop-off point I realized how close she lived. I decided to leave her a thank-you card in her post box.

Arriving at her house I saw a car in the driveway and that her front door is open. I rang the bell and introduced myself to her. She eagerly opened the gate for me and invited me in. I happened to catch her on her off day and she was busy packing up the house as she was moving soon.

She told me about her experience when picking her wedding gown. It was a Meyers gown and she told me how strict he was with her during the construction process, making sure she didn’t eat too much before her wedding, but also not too little. It sounds like he was quite a character back in the day!

She also told me about her own experience with loss and how she came to decide donating her wedding gown to The Angel Gown® Initiative is the right decision for her, but that is not my story to tell.

Thank you Lizette for donating your beautiful wedding gown to us!

In December 2018 a total of 12 Angel Gown® garments were repurposed.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.