Lizelle Oosthuysen

I first met Lizelle at my husbands’ work. Sitting behind her desk she looked up with an inviting smile and she has been all smiles every time thereafter. It would appear it’s true what they say; blondes do have more fun!

We spent quite a while chatting before and she was very intrigued by our initiative, as well as the many other charities we work with. The first time she sent us a donation there were bags and bags full of stuff to process, and we were able to share them with some of the other charities we work with.

This blog is to document her first donation. We kept several blouses for our use that will be turned into beautiful boy Angel Gown® garments, but there’s also some details for the girls!

Keep an eye out for more posts on Lizelle’s generosity – she has been spreading the word on what we do and are currently sourcing more donations from those in her circle.

Lizelle has become a repeat donor:

8 and 30 May 2018; 21 June 2018; 5 July 2018; 14 August 2018; 19 September 2018; 13 November 2018; 7 and 13 February 2019; 25 March 2019; 17 April 2019; 13 May 2019

Thank you Lizelle for the donations and the continued support!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.