Lizelle Oosthuysen – Donation 21 June 2018

What a perfectly awesome birthday gift for our first birthday!

Okay, let me see if I made all the correct connections here: Lizelle’s mother makes curtains and she share a work space with two other people. One of them makes blinds while the other do upholstery. Lizelle told her mother about what we do and she in turn told the aforementioned people about what we do.

The beautiful thing about this all is that although we love these fabrics we are getting from them, we are realistic that we unfortunately can not use all of them for TAGI purposes. We do know of another charity, run by AJ’s mother, that makes cat and dog beds that they donate to animal welfare societies, and much of these fabrics are perfect for them.

So the group of people that donated their fabrics to us know about this connection and therefore we have the first pick and then send the rest off to AJ and everyone is happy that we are all ableto work so well together!

I love that TAGI is able to continue helping others, be it from other people to animals, for the betterment of our communities!

Thank you everyone for our special first birthday gift!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.