Linet Jacobsohn

Bias binding and lace trim.

This is Linet’s second time to donate to The Angel Gown® Initiative.  She has been doing a lot of thorough cleaning in her house and decided to part with old clothes, bedding and other odds and ends she no longer has a need for.

Bedding and table cloths.

There is an abundance of buttons she collected over the years from home projects, as well as extra buttons that came from store bought clothes that are no longer around. I understand many of these buttons were handed down to her from her mother.

She also donated all kinds of bias binding she no longer use, along with a few pieces of lace. A more odd sounding donation is bedding and such stuff. These work perfectly as lining for our Angel Gown® garments, as some wedding gowns have more outer fabrics than lining, which leaves us needing lining. The other stuff like embellished table cloths makes for pretty trim.

She also cleaned out her wardrobe and donated old clothes she no longer wear, from casual items to something a little more formal. Most of them are in the green and blue hues.

Linet has made repeat donations:

8 December 2017 – Christening gown, fabric and lining

9 March 2018 – Clothes

17 April 2018 – Clothes and fabric

4 May 2018 – Fabric and lining

Thank you Linet “Mamsie” for another round of donations, much appreciated!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.