Linet Jacobsohn – Thai Silk Summer’s Dress

Linet and I share a very special bond. I met her during my teens just as I entered high school and shared a class with her daughter, whom at the time had just moved to my home town. We immediately took to each other and became best friends, 16 years later I had the honour of making her Erikr House original couture wedding gown, along with her mothers gown, her mother-in-laws’ gown, her made-of-honour’s gown and  a lovely little number for myself.

I grew up in front of Linet and always had a fondness for her, after school I moved away but kept contact and many years later I moved back to the Western Cape, literally a stones throw away from Linet and we connected again, with a much more special bond forming and she became a mother to me, having been extremely supportive during this whole process of establishing The Angel Gown® Initiative.

On 29 August 2017 she made her first donation to us, being some old cotton table cloths. This might sound like an odd donation, but they work perfect for linings for our Angel Gown® garments, leaving a soft touch on the inside. Aside from this she also donated an Erikr House original summers’ gown I made her for her daughters’ kitchen tea. The gown is calf length, made in white Thai-silk, has a V-neckline and is complimented with a pleated midriff.

Thank you “Mamsie” for believing in me and all of your generous donations.

A total of 7 Angel Gown® garments were repurposed from her gown; 2 Newborns, 3 Tinys and 2 Micros. They are viewable down below. We incorporated elements from Braemore‘s dresses as trim detail on these Angel Gown® garments.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.