Linet Jacobsohn – Blue Silk Evening Gown

A selection of wonderful odds and ends!

This name you should know by now, and she pops up regularly with an interesting line of donations.

This time round she gave us an array of buttons which was collected by her and her mother over the years, mostly just the extra buttons you get when purchasing new clothes. Next came an array of cottons, as well as old clothes she cleared out of her cupboards, along with old sheets and other odds and ends.

Her husbands’ old ties.

She also got her husband to join in by donating his old ties for our boys Angel Gown® garments. This is our first time we have received ties as a donation and we are eager to test them out!

My personal favourite donation will be, of course, the one of a kind bespoke royal blue Silk evening gown made by Erkir House. It is done in an A-line style with silk straps and pleat detail on the bodice. It is finished off with a metallic lace inset in the centre back seam and beaded lace detail on the hip.

Thank you Linet for donating all this beauty to us!

In August 2018 a total of 10 Angel Gown® garments were repurposed.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.