Julia Evans

I find it fascinating where all our donations come from, and sometimes how we acquire them!

A few weeks ago we went to the beach when a beautiful German Shepard followed us around. It was clear that she had been neglected and living on the streets for a while. We took her to the local animal welfare society to see if she has a identity chip, owners been looking for her etc…. turns out she was all on her own, and so we fostered her… and eventually adopted her!

It was on one of our return trips to the animal welfare society that I had met Julia. As per my usual self one conversation led to another and before we knew it I was “acquiring” her wedding gown – we will not go into the details!

It turns out we arrived just in time to save this wedding gown from spray paint! Originally her wedding gown was handed down to her by her sister, who got married in it first. Julia was not a picky bride; she was getting married, she needed a dress, her sister had one and voila! Cut to several years later. Julia was planning on Spray painting her dress for a zombie-bride-Halloween theme something – fortunately she decided our cause is a better option!

Thank you Julia for donating your wedding gown to us!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.