Judy MacGregor

Judy and I first made contact on Facebook when she showed interest in writing a blog about TAGI. I sent her a media brief and then life happened…

Eventually she emailed me again and she finally got around to writing the blog. It talked about her wedding gown, how she came to have it and eventually how she had decided to donate it to us! Her tail is far too beautiful for me to take any essence of it away by recapping it. Instead, I have added a link below to the original blog and I encourage you to read it – I found it to be truly special.

A dress of love

Eventually I had errands to run near her and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person. We sat down and had a nice chat about her blogs, TAGI and some other tit bits. Before we knew it almost an hour was gone and we had to be off again.

Thank you Judy for opening up your home to us, sharing your time and donating your truly special gown to us!

A total of 9 Angel Gowns were repurposed from her wedding gown, with one of them making up of our permanent sample set.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.