Joretha Jelbert

Shortly before our segment was aired on Fokus SABC2, they made teaser posts on Facebook about what is to come. It was on one of these posts that Joretha made contact with us.

Joretha on her wedding day in 1982.

Shortly thereafter I fetched her wedding gown. During a lovely chat she told me all about the wedding and her special gown. In 1982, on the morning of the Easter weekend, she tied the knot with her husband. With a smile she added how lovely the wedding was and that they even had some afternoon rain – it is a popular belief that rain on your wedding day is very positive omen.

The entire dress is overlaid with tulle that has a polka dot design – this was a popular theme of the time period. The natural waistline is emphasized with a stain ribbon which repeats with the lace detail all over the dress. The design itself is very simplistic, yet stately, unfortunately it was not what Joretha had wanted.

None of the lace detail was part of the original design, and sadly the designer made an executive decision to add it. Although it is beautiful, I do appreciate that if it is not what the bride wants, it will never quite be perfect. We hope that by upcycling your wedding gown into our precious Angel Gown® garments that it will become a happier memory.

Thank you Joretha for donating your wedding gown to us!

On 13 March 2019 Joretha’s wedding gown was loving repurposed by Henry Joubert into 13 Angel Gown® garments.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.