Jennifer Dunn

This wedding gown came to us via Carla Hanekom. A friend of hers, Jennifer Dunn, came to hear about The Angel Gown® Initiative. I can’t recall if Carla told her or if she read about it on Carla’s Facebook page.

After I collected the wedding gown from Carla I sent Jennifer a WhatsApp message to thank her and tell her Carla will give her a thank-you card. She told me how our cause is near to her heart as she almost lost her own little one. We are thankful for her that she got to take her baby home.

Her wedding gown is off-the-shoulder in a white satin. A-line style with an overlay of tulle pleated under hand-sewn lace detail and is finished off with machine embroidery along the hemline and button details on the back. Thank you Jennifer for your donation.

A total of 18 Angel Gown® garments were repurposed from this wedding gown

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.

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