Ilhaam Cassiem

While out and about on 29 July 2017 on a fun day with a friend we went bead and pearl shopping with our friend. We knew from previous experiences that B.J. Oberholzer CC was definitely one of the shops we where we had to stop by.

While there I wondered off and discovered this magical cardboard box. I’d say it was roughly 60cm high and 80cm by 60cm wide. It was not even halfway full but there was every imaginable type of seed bead mixed in there. I asked the clerk what could possibly be the use of this box and she explained to me that all the old stock is placed in the box and then clients can buy a 1kg bag for R20.

It sounded like a good deal to me and I bought a bag with the intent of using some of these beads for embellishments on our precious Angel Gown® garments. While paying for my 1kg bag of wonder I told the clerks what my intent was for the beads and upon hearing it Ilhaam Cassiem immediately stood up, fetched and empty bag and told me she will donate another bag full to The Angel Gown® Initiative!

I was absolutely amazed! Thank you Ilhaam for sharing your generosity with TAGI.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.