What type of garments, fabrics and colours do you accept for donation?

All wedding gowns and formal dresses, be it a skirt and top combo or a one-piece gown, are welcome regardless of size, design, age or condition.

Types of fabrics that are traditionally used for wedding and formal gowns work best, such as all forms of silks, satins, charmeuse, taffeta and lace. For the lining anything in cotton, rayon, pongee and taffeta-lining are welcome. For trim we welcome all forms of chiffon, organza, lace, ribbon, beads etc.

The colours most sought after are all forms of white, cream, ivory and those neutral types. Muted shades such as lavender, pastel green, blue, pink, soft yellow etc are also very popular.

If you have a gown or fabric you wish to donate but are uncertain, please feel free to contact us directly via email at info@tagi.co.za with pictures attached and we will be glad to assess it and proceed from there.