Are there any other skills or services you need donated?

  • We would like to set up a network of volunteers with sewing experience who would consider donating their time in helping with the repurposing process.
  • If you don’t own a sewing machine or don’t know how to sew, there are still several other skills that go into the creation of Angel Gown™ garments we can teach you. This includes dismantling the garments, cutting Angel Gown™ garments panels, followed by hand sewing and/ or beading. All this needs to happen before our seamstresses get to stitch it all together – Helderberg area are only.
  • For those that are not sewing-inclined, as the initiative grows we will also be needing people to help assist with the wrapping and packing process – Helderberg area only.
  • Although we do our best to market The Angel Gown™ Initiative as far and wide as we can, people with marketing skills or connections to the media would also be greatly appreciated to help us spread the word. The more donations and volunteers we receive, the more families we will be able to help.
  • If you find yourself with a skill set that is not listed here, but would like to assist us, please feel free to contact us. As our list of needs are already so extensive we only listed the support that we need on a regular basis, but there are many other areas with which we need help and would appreciate assistance.

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