I do not have a gown to donate – what other resources do you need?

Thank you for your consideration, here is a list of other resources/sponsors we need:

Other materials for the repurposing process:

  • 6mm wide double satin ribbon in white and cream is most needed. A total of 80cm is stitched into the back of each Angel Gown™ for closure. Other types of ribbon are also welcome; if we can’t use it for tie backs, it will be used as trim.
  • Stitching cottons in white and cream is most needed. Brands that work best and which are most needed for the Angel Gown™ garments are Coats, Gütermann, Mettler, Polycore and Seralon. Of course, all other brands are welcome and if they aren’t suitable for machine sewing, they will be used for hand sewing.
  • Stitching needles; Schmetz Microtex in sizes 8, 10 and 12 are perfect.

Materials for packaging:

Angel Gown™ garments, dependent on the requirement, are either individually packaged or presented free to hospitals in larger packs to assist with storage and space limitations:

  • 15mm – 20mm wide satin ribbon in pastel pink (for girls) and pastel blue (for boys) are used for wrapping the completed garment before packaging, using a total of 1.3m per Angel Gown™.
  • 190mm x 250mm + 25mm resealable cellophane envelopes for packing available from Merrypak and PNA.
  • 25mm x 19mm self-adhesive rectangular stickers (the brand we use is Tower) to colour code the different sizes. We use the following colours; bottle green, orange, purple and bright yellow. If you wish to assist with these please contact us for colour samples.
  • 305mm x 420mm ziplock bags are used to hold together 1 full starter set (8 Angel Gown™ garments).
  • Depending on the amount of sets we ship to a hospital, boxes (available at Box-It) in the following sizes are required:
    • 300mm x 230mm x 300mm
    • 400mm x 270mm x 75mm

Other services:

  • A great deal of colour printing and paperwork is required for our initiative. A print sponsorship would be of immense help. Printing work currently needed includes the following:
    • Every Angel Gown™ is folded around an A5 condolence card that also includes a handwritten message for the parents.
    • For public awareness we have A4 posters that are handed out at establishments for public display, as well as folded pamphlets for individual use.
  • Although we do our best to market The Angel Gown™ Initiative as far and wide as we can, people with marketing skills or connections to the media would also be greatly appreciated to help us spread the word. The more donations and volunteers we receive, the more families we will be able to help.

For more information go to https://tagi.co.za/donation/#help