Esmé Constable

Esmé phoned me one day a few months ago to arrange for her to bring her daugthers‘ wedding gown to us in Gordon’s Bay. Due to some personal reasons it was a while before we she got here. Her daughter heard of us through Nicci from NCOT, with whom she is training. I’m still amazed at how the word of TAGI has spread so far and how the donations travel to us.

In the midst of the renovations of our new office Esme popped by. I showed her some of our Angel Gown® garments and all the progress we made so far with the office and had a lovely chat. She was such a sweet and soft spoken lady. She gave me a bag full of goodies from herself which included fabric and delicately woven laces. She also handed me her daughters’ princess style dress with embroidered bodice and puff skirt.

Esmé has become are peat donor:

26 March 2019 – White wedding gown in ruched chiffon with beading detail. Donor unknown.

26 March 2019 – Mint evening gown in chiffon. Donor unknown.

26 March 2019 – 48 ties, fabric, loads of beads and we even got to keep the containers!

10 April 2019 – 4 containers.

Thank you so much!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.