Erikr House

Fashion has for far too long been captivated by the characteristics of the garment and the perceived image of the perfect body, but when creating garments for an individual there is so much more to consider, such as the body shape of the actual wearer and equally important is also the wearers’ individual personality. That is why we believe if you keep all of this in mind during the creative process the optimum in fashion can be reached.

As we specialize in couture construction techniques every garment is guaranteed to be unique in its own way, with most garment types requiring a minimum of 25 hours and depending on the complexity or intricacy of the garment, even up to 1500 hours. These couture garments are virtually made by hand. Sewn with extreme attention to detail and finishes, using time-consuming and hand-executed techniques to ensure the perfect fit that will highlight the wearers’ good figure points and diminish perceived figure flaws.

Eric Elronde

Founder of Erikr House

Tel: +27 82 457 6220