Elmori Carstens

I first met Elmori while visiting one of our volunteer seamstresses, Brenda Espadas.

While visiting Brenda she quickly called her neighbour, Elmori, to come over for a hello and a chat about TAGI. Brenda has a new puppy that is stealing hearts wherever she goes. I had to stand in line for Elmori’s attention as Lady, the puppy love, first had to get her fill of attention!

We chatted a little about TAGI, going through the usual stuff about why, how, our needs etc. and we left her with a brochure.

Not long after that Brenda sent me a message to say Elmori left three bags full of fabrics and off-cuts there with her. I went to collect it and started chatting with Elmori again. She told me how her mother has been collecting and holding on to all these fabrics through the years. She is down scaling her lifestyle at the moment but still did not want to let go of her collection of fabrics. Once Elmori told her about the good we can do with it, she no longer resisted and parted with three bags full of fabrics!

Thank you Elmori for spreading the word, and a big thank you to your mom as well for helping us!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.