It is no secret that for the bigger part of my life I have lived it as a woman. It is also no secret that as I sit here today I have been equally happy and comfortable in my skin as both a man and a woman. My feminine side has been known as Duchess, with all the airs and graces one would expect with such a title. About for years ago I started my life more permanently as a man.

This dress was one of the last gowns I ever wore, it was also the embodiment of Duchess’s personality, as well as the signature dress my company was known for. It was haute couture from top to bottom. The crimson Thai Silk was hand crafted to mold around my curves and finished off with a metallic black lace. Again this lace was hand cut and crafted into the designs on this dress. The extravagant train draws your eye to the lace-up detail that finishes off this dress.

Recently I won a competition from My Forever Bears – this is a small company that makes memorabilia bears from old clothes from loved ones. This was the perfect way to remember my life as Duchess.

Eric Elronde