Chrizelle Erasmus – Donation 21 January 2018

Embellishments and so much more.

Chrizelle keeps on spoiling and surprising us at TAGI. As you all know by now she has donated multiple times to us, sometimes more than once in the same month. On her latest excursions around town she found yet another treasure cove of fabrics and trims. So let’s see what she donated to us this time…

Another big bag full of off-cut materials in a variety of textiles and colours – many will become Angel Gown™ garments while many will be waistcoats and bow-ties. She also found a beautiful piece of lace and several pieces of ribbon. Also cottons for all our sewing needs and beautiful ribbon roses for trim detail.

Thank you Chrizelle for your latest donation!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.