Chrizelle Erasmus – Donation 10 February 2018

Satin, lace, ribbon, cottons and trim!

This is our first official donation since The Angel Gown™ Initiative has been registered as an NPO. And from one of our regular donors, Chrizelle Erasmus.

She donated another two bags full of TAGI goodness. The first bag had two pieces of beautiful satin in green, as well as a variety of embroidered fabrics. Also included in the bag was linings in a variety of colour. The second bag was full of other necessities such as cotton, ribbon and delicately folded ribbon flowers.

Thank you Chrizelle for always helping us with these many different kinds of donations. We appreciate them as much as we appreciate all the wedding and evening gowns finding their way to us.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.