Chrizelle Erasmus

4 October 2017

I have known Chrizelle for many years, which is not surprising as she is my sister-in-laws. But she is much more than just that, she is also my friend and the closest definition I have to a sister.

At this stage The Angel Gown® Initiative is still so young and we have a great need for many different donations. Recently we received a donation of colourful dresses which needs a lot of help to be repurposed. Chrizelles’ donation helped us to fill this need.

It happens quite often that we are able to cut out more Angel Gown® garments from a donated gown than we are able to cut out linings for them. This means we need to purchase lining to complete them. Aside from that immediate need we still need many other items to complete an Angel Gown®. This includes materials like ribbon for closure, sometimes additional trim, but also cottons. From this point on we also need packaging materials.

Chrizelle discovered a flea market that sells the most incredible fabrics and many of the supplies we need. She invited us to tag along one afternoon, with the guise of showing it to us so that we know of them for future use. When I got there she already purchased a big bag full of beautiful things. She then told me that there is still an x amount left on what she budgeted for TAGI. And now I must tell her what else I need.

I was super stoked! I felt like a kid let lose in a candy shop and told to grab all of his favourite candies… and then some more. We walked from the one stall to the next, getting linings, ribbons and all manners of beautiful things I knew I needed to start the repurposing process on the aforementioned donations of colourful dresses.

Chrizelle has become our most regular contributor with monthly donations. We have decided to keep record of her donations in one page moving forward. This page will be updated periodically with dates and photos added to the accompanying album.

17 and 24 November 2017; 1 and 31 December 2017; 21 January 2018; 10 February 2018; 3 March 2018; 19 and 30 April 2018; 13 May 2018; 10 June 2018 and 30 June 2018; 5 August 2018; 2 October 2018; 25 December 2018; 19 January 2019; 10 February 2019; 11 May 2019; 14 July 2019 and 29 July 2019; 8 August 2019; 22 September 2019; 26 October 2019; 28 December 2019.

We truly do appreciate your continued support, you have helped us more than we can put into words!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.