Caroline Bradshaw

Caroline Bradshaw and Eric Elronde in her studio.

Someone made a post on Facebook about wanting to sell her wedding gown. A friend left a comment on the post with our details asking if she would be interested in donating her wedding gown to us instead.

Somewhere in the thread Caroline Bradshaw from Eveningwear X-change Dress Hire saw the tag about us and offered some of her old stock to us. I left her a private message and we got into contact.

Layers of lavender

She runs a lovely rental shop from her beautiful home in Somerset West, Western Cape. On the morning I met her we had a lovely chat about her business, what we do and how we can help each other.

She donated three colourful formal gowns to us; One plain cocktail dress in a bright lime green. The other two were floor length gowns. The one is in an interesting blue/green colour in a pastel hue with a beautifully beaded bust and pleat detail. The other is layered with different shades of lavender and purple.

Bright lime cocktail dress

If you need to rent a wedding or evening gown at affordable prices in the Helderberg area, you can contact her on the following; or 0836290361

We are extremely thankful to see the local business supporting our Non Profit Organisation. Thank you Caroline for your donation.

To date we have repurposed 8 Angel Gowns.

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.