Carina Van Zijl

I first met Carina in August of 2017 when she commissioned Erikr House for an evening gown. We immediately clicked and while working together a friendship developed. The morning I met her I had just come from donating Angel Gown® garments and we talked quite a bit about it.

While working on her evening gown she told me she wants to donate her wedding gown as well, but it is in storage. She and her husband moved to Strand from Gauteng and was busy renovating and it will only be accessible in 2018. I thanked her in advance and explained we will always need wedding gowns so need to rush.

And then after a meeting one day she surprised me with a bag of goodies! She felt bad as she promised the dress but it will take time to donate it to The Angel Gown® Initiative. Again I explained that is ok, I know her to be a woman of her word, but thank her excitedly! In the bag was 10m of calico, 10m of lace and 10m of double satin ribbon, all in white.

Thank you Carina for your generosity!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.