Angel Gown

Babette Du Toit – Wedding gown

Since Ocotber 2017 we have been working closely with Babette and her team.

Babette on her wedding day with her mother.
Babette showcasing the beautiful back of her dress.

Through her company, ZingDigit, she has been sponsoring the embroidery of our logos. Aside from that she has made regular donations of ribbons, cottons and other odds we need. We received another batch of logos today, but there was another surprise as well… Today she made a much more personal donation as she handed us her very own wedding gown.

Babette tells us that she designed this dress herself and that she had to undergo quite a digging expedition to find these beautiful wedding photos!

Her wedding gown is completely covered in a cream lace. The way the train ends in a triangular shape is somewhat unconventional but compliments this dress perfectly. The dress is complimented with beautiful covered button closures on the sleeves and is finished off with an open back.

Thank you Babette for sharing this piece of your history with us, and the memories!

Previously Babette donated scraps of fabric to us from which we were able to repurpose 3 Angel Gown® garments. With her wedding gown we were able to repurpose 4 more Angel Gown® garments,

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.