Attempted sale of TAGI Angel Gown® garments

It has recently been brought to our attention that attempts were made, without our consent, to indirectly sell our Angel Gown® garments. Fortunately it was failed attempts and steps are being taken to apologize to the necessary institutions for this indiscretion and the misrepresentation.

All Angel Gown® garments that come from The Angel Gown® Initiative (TAGI) are freely donated. Whether they are donated by us directly, by one of our approved institutions or representatives, or even as part of another product, TAGI Angel Gown® garments will always be a free donation.

We officially and publicly disassociate our Angel Gown® garments and the TAGI brand from any individual or institution that directly or indirectly attempts to sell or trade with our Angel Gown® garments. Whether on it’s own or as part of a product or service, the TAGI Angel Gown® garments are not allowed to be sold.

For a list of institutions or representatives that are approved to donate our Angel Gown® garments, on its own or as part of another product or service, please feel free to contact us directly on or ‪082 457 6220‬. Alternatively visit our website at for detailed information about TAGI, the Angel Gown® garments, institutions we donate to and our partners.

The Angel Gown® Initiative is a registered NPO (203-283 NPO) and our product is in no way, directly or indirectly, for sale or for trade. We apologize to any person and / or institution that may have been misled by these activities. We urge you to please contact us immediately if you are approached by any individual or institution that attempts to sell or trade an Angel Gown® to you in order to enable us to directly address this matter.


Eric Elronde and the TAGI team