Amanda Dean

The back view of her matric farewell gown.
The wedding gown.

Amanda donated four gowns to us, all made by her mother.

The first one is possibly the one that is most special to her, as it is her matric farewell gown. There is so much detail on this dress, set in a beautiful red hue. It is made from Thai Silk with insets of Lace and strings of pearl detail. It is really a statement dress, especially considering this was worn in the early 80’s. From the button detail, the peak back, to the big bow on the back – there is something pleasing to the eye, regardless from which side it is viewed.

The second is a wedding gown – not yet her own, but we’ll have it some day! This gown was worn by her sister-in-law. Again a Thai Silk dress, done in white with lots of custom lace and bead detail. The mandarin collar makes a statement, while the sheer bodice speaks of a cheeky

Bridesmaid gown in green.
Bridesmaid gown in peach.

side, this is emphasized by the slit on the front.

The third and fourth dresses were bridesmaids dresses Amanda wore to different weddings. Both are done in a form of peach skin. The bottle green dress has majorly puffed sleeves with delicately sculptured lace detail and a flared skirt. The peach coloured dress has a slit on the front with elegantly pleated shoulder straps in gold tulle with pieces of peach lace peeking through.

We will be processing these gowns systematically. We started with the peach bridesmaid gown picture to the right and we were able to repurpose 5 Angel Gown® garments

Thank you Amanda for donating these special gowns to us!

Eric Elronde and the TAGI team.